La Feria de Diseño, 2018 edition:

June 25, 2018

 Design Show 2018: Colombian Design at its Finest, & a Preview of next week


The sixth annual Feria de Diseño came to Plaza Mayor & Medellin's Convention Center for two days, June 22nd through 24th. This is a quick post for anyone considering a move to Medellin, with the intention of living here, acquiring an apartment, or purchasing one. DO NOT bring furniture, accessories, lighting, bedroom, bath, kitchen, playroom, bar, or entertainment articles until you've attended this show, or the one to follow this weekend, the ExpoArtisano 2018. (Check back here for a post on that in a week or so. Here are only a few of the exhibits and designs displayed at the design fair.)



Need a place to store your used corks? Hand crafted accessories for the kiddo's room? A bookshelf in the shape of an elephant? You've come to the right place. As we wandered the displays at the design fair, we kept saying, "there are some really clever people here." 


And there are business names that are absolutely inspired. 'Garbage' was one of my favorites, a design business based on recycling everything from discarded fuel canisters to trashed wine bottles. I also thought Garbage would make a dandy name for a clothing line. Maybe I'll recruit a clothes designer, and open a little shop... No I won't forget it. 


Need a safe? Now, this is a safe. Not only is it padded inside against any kind of damage, the sucker can't be 'lifted' without causing serious damage to the liftee. Sad to say, designs like this, and several other household items, such as 300 pound front doors, are vestigial artifacts of the violent years here in Medellin when nothing and no one was 'safe'. People here are doing everything possible to put that tragic past behind them, and it shows in the way design and architectural focus has flourished. The design fair is a reflection of that.


Stay tuned to Next week's edition covers another craft fair, the ExpoArtisano 2018 that brings to Medellin craftspeople from all over Colombia. It's THE show to attend if you're looking for craft items of the highest quality and charm. And again, don't furnish that apartment in Medellin until you see the Feria de Diseño, and check out the many fine designers showing their wares.








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