Feria de Las Flores en Medellin

August 9, 2019

 Entrance to Medellin's Botanical Garden

Jardin Botanico


This will be a different kind of post: If you want to see a world of flowers, visit Medellin this week. It's time for the annual Feria de Las Flores, a grand spectacle showing off one of Colombia's principal products, and a show that brings thousands of people from all over the world. If you can't make the trip, take a look at this post. It's a poor substitute for being here, but lots of pictures are better than nothing. So, not much text; just mucho, mucho fotos de las flores. Here goes:



Jardin Botanico is the central venue



 The orchid show is amazing


 Los Girasoles: Sunflowers


Hundreds of types and specimens, thousands of colors 



 Even flower displays for los niños

 Prizes, too


Hours of preparation, and more hours of attention 


 A bit of whimsy


 Flower train, blooming violins, & a flower flag














Feria de las Flores comes to Medellin every August for a weeklong celebration of one of Colombia's main products, its flowers & their design and use. The festivities conclude Sunday 8/11 with a parade featuring 'Los Silleteros,' people carrying heavy flower displays for the two mile parade route.

 Medellin: City of Eternal Springtime. (Photo courtesy of The Pazeras, @Latitude Adjustment)


In this 'city of eternal springtime,' it's not unusual to see flowers every day. But in August the explosion of blooms and colors and aromas is everywhere, and constant. Flowers are big business in Colombia & in Medellin. But they're much more than that.


 Wieland's Flowers was once a thriving business in Mt. Pleasant Iowa


On a personal note: Many years ago, Mariah's folks owned a greenhouse in Mt. Pleasant Iowa. Her mother bought flowers all the time, especially around Valentines Day, and Mother's Day, plus the other prominent holidays. Many of the flowers she bought came from the flower fields around Medellin Colombia. The world is full of flowers, and it gets smaller all the time.








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