Lockdown Day 40: Dateline Medellin

May 4, 2020

 2020 fashion


It finally happened. Last night I dreamt I'd been caught outside, on public transportation no less, utterly, completely, ashamedly naked! In other words, I was outside without my mask.


This is a true story. I woke in a sweat, the last vestiges of this crazy dream wafting away, my shock at the realization that I was uncovered, my haste to get off the public bus before others noticed, my frantic search of stores, the sidewalk, the trash cans—trash cans, fer Pete's sake!—looking for a mask to slip behind.


I looked around. No one else was naked like me. No One. Every person I saw was fully clothed, safely ensconced behind their fashionable, COVID 19 mask. 


Remember when the bad guys were the ones wearing masks? These days it's the good guys wearing them. The world is indeed upside down, or el revés as our Spanish speaking friends might say.


Here are current numbers for Colombia: 7,285 cases of coronavirus, (from our friends at Latitude Adjustment), with 340 deaths. The good news is that, across Colombia, 1,722 people have recovered from the virus. (Johns-Hopkins University). 


 Not Us

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      Photo: John Cameron for Unsplash


We're fortunate here in Medellin for a number of reasons. One is that we have fewer than 500 cases in our department, or state, and just 6 deaths.


We have plenty to eat. The above photo is not from here. We feel bad for folks wherever it was taken, but in Medellin we're surrounded by sufficient fruit and produce markets that we lack nothing. Most of the markets deliver, too, so the only challenge is in using our telephone-Spanish skills when ordering. If nothing else this exercise gives our amigos on the other end of the phone a good chuckle. It's the least we can do in these trying times. 


 we won't go hungry


Our Whole Foods, Plant Based menu was beneficial to us before the virus came along. Now it's especially helpful, because of the overabundance of 'our kind of food' available. In the past several months we've learned lots of cooking skills, ways to make yummy meals from a vast array of fresh fruits and vegetables. We had no thought of returning to our old diet. The new situation has convinced us that we likely never will. 


Look at the Bright Side 

                                                                                                                                           Photo: Nick Bolton for Unsplash


Like everyone else in isolation, we're making it through this extremely strange time by relaxing around the house, (like we have a choice?), reading a lot, catching up on long delayed projects, watching a lot of movies, and trying to imagine what the new 'normal' might look like. We've come awfully close to wishing we had a dog, just so we'd have a reason and allowance to take it outside for its daily exercise. The recently posted parole date is May 30th for me, and May 11th for my spouse. At 71, I'm in a higher risk category than she is. See if I'm ever 71 again! 


 The virus has generated much artistic expression


"You know that part of Cinderella in which the birds enter and help her clean the house? Will anyone have contact with the birds?"


We've done a fair amount of cleaning, as well. Partly because we're bored and restless; partly because cleanliness, while not necessarily closer to godliness, is certainly closer to being virus free. 


 Not one of the ladrones!


This fellow didn't know I was taking his picture. He's not a ladrone, a bad guy, he's the portero, or doorman, across from our building. The mask is standard fare for all of them these days, as Colombia maintains restrictions on movement, and attire as well. So imagine my embarrassment at strolling around stark naked, even if it was in my dream.


Thanks for reading.








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